Adi Holzer - Conflitto

Dal 16 ottobre al 6 novembre 2010

Adi Holzer was born in 1936 in Stockerau, a small town near Vienna, in Austria.
From 1955 to 1960, he studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna under Herbert Boeckl and Robin C. Andersen.
In the course of his artistic career, he has had numerous one-man shows as well as group shows, and many of his works figure in public and private collections around the world.
Adi Holzer started out as a painter and draftsman, but in 2005 he began experimenting with glass, transforming his two-dimensional works into imaginative multicolored sculptures.
Whatever the medium, the artist’s evocative works represent a mythical world in which characters, gestures and expressions, besides telling a story, acquire a symbolic quality and become an important starting point for a reflection on man’s existential condition.
Many of the themes selected by the artist for his works belong to the literary tradition of children’s fairy tales. As is well known, most of these tales aim at communicating an educational message. They often end with a moral, and generally use metaphors to camouflage very crude realities.
Holzer reflects upon all these implications, and using the fantastic and metaphorical language of fairy tales to create artworks which, despite their bright colors and amusing characters, elicit a reflection upon good and evil and the human condition.


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